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Go big on ride quality, style, durability, and improved ground clearance, all without going big on price!

Take your ride comfort to the next level with this luxury-focused wheel and tire package ready for the daily grind or any adventure in any conditions. This package brings a best-of-both-worlds approach to form and function allowing both a large wheel and an upsized sidewall to provide a cushy ride while maximizing the visual appeal of your Model Y. An added benefit is the 0.55″ increased ground clearance while also reducing unsightly wheel gap.

The Luxury Wheel and Tire Set is a package containing:

4 Unplugged Performance x BBS Flugplatz wheels (Produced in Germany & TUV Certified)
4 Michelin 255/45ZR20 Pilot Sport All Season 4 Tires
4 TPMS Sensors
Mounted and Road Force Balanced for a smooth ride
Ready to install in your garage, no tire shop needed
This package is compatible with all Model Y variants manufactured anywhere in the world including Performance, Long Range, Short Range, and 4680 Battery variants
These wheels and tires are compatible with all Tesla brake systems and all Unplugged Performance big brake kits
Please note: These are oversized tires compared to the factory specification. This causes no error with the car’s system and has been extensively tested. Ground clearance is increased 0.55″ compared to the standard Tesla 20″ wheel package. We have tested this package extensively and feel that the upside outweighs the minor downsides of a slight (3%) speedometer reading variance which comes with the larger rolling diameter. In testing at normal ride heights, raised ride heights, with UP Luxury coilovers, UP Moderate, and Mild dual rate lowering springs this wheel/tire package is validated to fit without rubbing. In more extreme lowering conditions beyond 1.5″ however it may rub. We also offer the same UP Flugplatz wheels without tires for anyone who wishes to choose their own tires or to utilize factory 20″ Model Y tires.


  • The Tesla Model Y is known for having a stiff ride quality yet being an immensely capable sporty SUV. Many owners desire improved ride comfort without compromise which has made our Luxury Coilovers a hugely in-demand upgrade regarded as a must-have for daily driven Model Y’s. To take the next step in ride quality we’ve developed this specialized wheel/tire package which provides a larger tire sidewall for extra cushion to absorb daily road imperfections. Rather than give up the beautiful looks and performance of the Model Y, we’ve opted not to conventionally step down to a 19″ wheel and tall tire which we feel looks undersized on the large Model Y. Rather, we’ve enlisted our Tesla purpose-built TUV tested BBS x UP Flugplatz wheels in 20″, paired them with high efficiency all weather Michelin tires and included Tesla factory TPMS sensors. We then mount and balance them so the experience is luxurious in simplicity, simply bolt them on and drive off in comfort. The benefits of this package beyond the added sidewall cushion also provide increased road clearance as well as reducing unsightly wheel well gap. The UP Luxury Wheel Package combines the visual punch you crave with the ride comfort you and your family deserve!

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