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After developing our Ascension-R Rear Wing with Voltex and our High-Efficiency Trunk Spoiler we crunched the data and ran the CFD simulations looking to extract maximum on-track performance from our race car. The results of our simulations were clear. We found that the optimal combination of high downforce and low drag meant using the dual-wing approach for our Ascension-R race car. This wing set was an important ingredient for our record-setting runs at Laguna Seca and Buttonwillow.

The Dual Rear Spoiler builds upon the Ascension-R GT wing’s high performance foundation. When converting our Ascension-R wing to the Dual Rear Spoiler rear downforce increases by a further 19%.
When used in conjunction with a complete Ascension-R prepared car this setup is CFD validated to provide a 362.5% increase in rear downforce while maintaining near factory drag levels (a 2.2% reduction in drag versus stock). *Note – this data requires a complete Ascension-R build as all of the aerodynamics contribute to the balanced result of drag reduction and downforce generation. Installing just the GT wing without the complete Ascension-R program will still provide a substantial rear downforce and vehicle stability gain but will come with a slight hit to drag (depending on the angle of attack setting on the wing).
The upper wing plane is designed to be near invisible to drivers from the driver’s seat, causing minimal to no obstruction in the rearview or side view mirrors.
This set is exclusively offered in gloss clear-coated carbon fiber, however, the components are produced by different companies and as a result, the carbon may not match perfectly. The Ascension-R Rear Wing plane is engineered by Unplugged Performance and produced by racing wing specialist Voltex. The High Efficiency Trunk Spoiler and Dual Rear Spoiler Set specific wing stands are produced by Unplugged Performance. As a result of different production techniques and carbon suppliers, the carbon weave may not match perfectly between the different components in this set.
Customers who already own a High-Efficiency rear wing or other rear trunk spoiler and would like to use just the upper plane and special wing stand developed for this set can select the Upgrade Kit.
The wing Ascension-R Rear Wing upper spoiler attaches to the trunk lid with bolts and therefore requires drilling into the trunk. As a result professional installation is strongly recommended.


SKU: UP-M3MY-309-1.1
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