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As we push the limits of Tesla performance, we always keep Colin Chapman’s famous philosophy in mind “add lightness”. Leveraging the most advanced carbon fiber manufacturing techniques has always been core to our brand since we started Unplugged in 2013. However, for doors, safety is an incredibly important factor in our engineering. That’s why we leverage a very special Carbon-Hybrid construction in which high strength steel is sandwiched into the door skin itself. This provides a new level in strength and resiliency in the case of side impact when compared to traditional carbon-only doors. Additionally, the door set includes the integration of the factory side impact beam design which have been reproduced in full dry carbon. All of these details have been done with minimal weight impact. We could have saved cost and a couple Kgs and made a more simple door set but these have all of the features and added safety measures we want on our own cars so we built the best.

Full luxury interior or stripped out race car? Your choice. Our doors are made as true factory replacement and include all details to do so. All factory components are able to transfer over from the factory doors and attach in the same way. This allows the full installation of factory speakers, electronics, factory glass windows, factory door panels, and trims with no compromise for cabin comfort.

13.2 lbs Dry Carbon-Hybrid Construction (Carbon and Steel Sandwich) Front Door (ea)
12.8 lbs Dry Carbon-Hybrid Construction (Carbon and Steel Sandwich) Rear Door (ea)
Total weight savings for Front/Rear set 17.1 lbs or 35.8lbs when paired with Unplugged Performance Lexan side windows
Carbon inner door reinforcement beams in each door
Works with all standard Telsa Model 3 interior trim, speakers, door handles, windows, and electronics
The doors can be body color painted for a stealth look or wrapped with PPF or clear coated to show off the carbon. Contact us for a quotation to add these custom finishes or for further race preparation of your vehicle.
These are racing parts intended for off-road use only with proper racing safety equipment and a roll cage
Pairs well with UP Lexan windows. When replacing the factory doors it is a great opportunity to replace the factory glass with UP Lexan side windows. This combination provides a 35.8lb weight savings and still provides the use of power windows and a full interior. Adding the remainder of UP Lexan (front windshield and roof glass) increases the weight savings to 71.9lbs with a full factory interior retained.
Professional installation required


SKU: UP-M3-351.1.1 - UP-M3-352.1.1
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