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Engineered and built as a collaboration between our team in California and our team at the Nurburgring in Germany, this Unplugged Performance x Ohlins TTX system represents the pinnacle of motorsports engineering and the ultimate racing coilover kit for the Tesla Model S Plaid 2021 and up cars. Expert-level drivers will benefit from the ultimate control and adjustability, and enthusiast-level drivers will appreciate how well these work over any road surface due to developing this coilover kit to perform in the harshest conditions of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Transform the way your Model S Plaid luxury car into a full-fledged track weapon, built from the best engineering on earth.

Proven Ohlins ILX Coilover using TTX technology framework fine-tuned for demanding racing applications
4-way adjustable front & rear (high-speed and low-speed rebound and compression)
Adjustable ride height settings from stock to 60mm lower than stock
A broad range of dampener adjustability without cavitation
Lightweight integral reservoir design and forged billet 7075 and 6016 clear anodized aluminum components along with hard nickel-coated steel components
Pikes Peak spec 8 Swift Springs (primary & helper springs on every corner) included. We can also consult on custom settings for any racing or street use case.
Fully rebuildable

We strongly recommend pairing this kit with the full suite of UP Suspension upgrades so that the vehicle can be properly set up and take maximum advantage of this amazing suspension.
Customers purchasing this kit that do not have experience with 4-way adjustment suspension setup can enlist trackside support from Unplugged Performance (additional staffing costs apply); please contact us for details.
This kit removes the in-cabin suspension adjustment options for ride height and comfort. While the ride remains compliant for street use and challenging tracks such as Pikes Peak or the Nurburgring, this is a modification intended for track use. We do not recommend this to the average customer for their daily driver since losing the in-cabin height adjustability may prove inconvenient for primarily street use.
This kit utilizes some permanent modifications of your original air suspension components during installation. You will not be able to revert the vehicle to stock specification without purchasing new Tesla shocks.


SKU: UP-MSMX2-361-1.1
  • The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is one of the world’s most famous and long-running motorsport events. Pikes Peak is notoriously treacherous and dangerous to drive a car full out through crazy turns up the sheer cliffs of the unforgiving “America’s Mountain”. This utterly epic suspension system is designed to control the nearly 5000-lb Tesla Model S Plaid on the most challenging roads and racetracks, as typified by the wild and crazy Pikes Peak course. We developed this kit as an Ohlins TTX-based solution, jointly developed in the USA in California and Germany at the Nurburgring. This suspension has already been used to set EV records at a number of tracks. This year we had an unfortunate issue with the windshield fogging up in inclement conditions at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, rendering us unable to have a competitive run; however, the intense development and practice schedule gave us a great opportunity to develop further and refine this Coilover kit and fine-tuned it to perform in the harshest possible conditions.

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