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The UP x PFC Street & Track Brake Pad Set was developed to improve performance in spirited driving scenarios. The special production friction material compound utilized in the Street & Track Brake Pad Set provides an optimized balance between uncompromising everyday use and high-performance driving. Pure racing brake pads typically create unwanted noise around town, excessive dusting, extreme rotor wear and require high temperatures to reach operating range; these do not. The Street & Track pads are designed for those who like to drive their local twisty roads, enjoy autocross, or the occasional track day. The Street & Track Brake Pad Set is suggested for drivers looking for a high-performance brake pad solution without the traditional compromise in daily driving scenarios.

Designed to be a “pure” racing-style solution, our Competition pads include more aggressive, high-friction compounds. As a result, we do not advise regular use on the street, as users will see accelerated rotor wear, as well as increased noise and dust. Additionally, the race-oriented compound requires more heat to provide optimal results.

Ultimately both of these-pad only upgrades are ideal for only light and occasional performance driving. If you are serious about the track, autocross, or top-speed use of these vehicles we strongly suggest upgrading to our Superlight Carbon Ceramic Front Big Brake Kit (BBK). If you fall somewhere in the middle or need to replace your rotors and pads we recommend one of our UPxPFC Iron Rotor and Pad upgrade kits which will provide improved performance beyond what the stock brake rotors can deliver.

For all of our brake upgrades, we strongly recommend pairing these upgraded brake lines for your Tesla Model S Plaid or LR with high-temperature racing brake fluid such as Motul RBF 660, PFC RH 665, Endless RF 650, Castrol SRF, or similar racing brake fluids.

PFC is regarded as one of the premier manufacturers of braking components for motorsport. Perhaps, most well known for their use on factory Porsche motorsport vehicles, PFC is generally considered the best-of-the-best for motorsport.


  • The Tesla Model S Plaid and LR are amongst the fastest and most powerful street cars that you can buy. Both are capable of going very fast very quickly and embarrassing sports cars on the racetrack and drag strip. For customers who would like a simple drop-in pad upgrade that works with the standard caliper and rotor.

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